At the initiative of the professional community in Russia was established an annual award, which will bring out the best implemented projects to create data centers in Russia and the CIS

The prize is assigned by the professional jury, consisting of well-known Russian and foreign experts, who have   years of experience in the design, construction and operation of data centers. The choice of laureates passes by private voting of jury members, after studying the presentations and descriptions of objects.

Representatives of the data center and / or their partners (owners, designers or engineering construction contractors) submit an application for participation in the Prize and provide all the necessary information, then the applications will be passed to the expert jury for the selection of nominees. The fundamental point is a promotion of successful performers-contractors, the willingness of customers to introduce new solutions, customers' attention to the energy efficiency and also savings in operating expenses at a higher implementation cost.

Voting results are announced during the award ceremony dedicated to the winners, where professionals interact in an informal setting, which will take place 15 september in Moscow.

Timing and deadlines for submission of documents for participation:

The prize is awarded once a year in September during the annual conference of the DC conducted IKS-MEDIA ( The first award ceremony was held in 2015. In 2016 the projects implemented in the period of 2014-2016 will be considered.

To participate in the Premium allowed:
Projects on creation of a data center physical infrastructure, modernization projects for existing data centers, the introduction of automation systems, significantly improving the efficiency and reliability of the data center infrastructure.

Award categories:

  • Project of the Year
  • The best solution in the field of engineering systems
  • The best integrated system
  • Innovations in reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of the data center
  • The best solution in the field of transfer of personal data in Russia
  • The best project solutions for cloud data Center


Organizer: IKS-MEDIA 

Should you have any questions on sponsor and delegate participation please contact commercial department of IKS-MEDIA:

- telephones: +7(495) 229-4978, +7 (495) 785-14-90

- e-mail: